Summer Classic 2012

Summer Classic

Summer Classic

I’d gone to my first meet in February, this is my second meet.  After the first one, I used the Texas Method to work hard on my squat.  I’ve made wonderful progress on my lower body lifts from this, though it hasn’t helped my upper body lifts as much as I’d hoped.

I weighed in at 88.8kg, about 195lbs.  My home scale is a filthy liar, it said I was 200lbs that morning.  This put me in the 90kg/198lb weight class.  I was alone in this class, so I placed first.

Lift February lbs June lbs February kg June kg
Squat 159.7 203.7 72.5 87.5
Bench 99 105 45 47.5
Deadlift 242.5 286.5 110 130

The lower body progress is clear.  My bench hasn’t moved much, nor has my overhead press.

I’m going to get some help with my bench training.  I think I’ve taken technique as far as I can (which is what got me the gain I did get), now it’s time to start working really hard on building up some upper body muscle and getting stronger.  My shoulders are weak, my traps are small, and my upper back needs work.  I need power cleans, I need chest flies, and I need to start pressing every time I work out.  Building more arm strength is also going to help.
For lower body, I’m returning to what worked for me before, the Texas Method.  As a side note, I did the method where I swap out back squats for front squats.  I’ve become really fond of front squats at this point, I feel like I get a nice quad pump out of them and they’ve made my back squat form feel more natural when I switch back.
I’m also strongly considering adding a barbell complex as a warm-up.  I haven’t been doing a separate warm-up, but I’ve been reading Dan John’s book Never Let Go, in which he talks about being sure to hit all your major movements each time you work out.  This makes a lot of sense to me, so I want to give it a try.  I’ll start with one of the ones he suggests and see how it goes.
HOWEVER: I am considering doing a fairly dramatic cut first.  I was considering a meet in August, but it costs almost twice what the last one did, and I don’t know that I can manage that at the moment.  This means no more meets until next year.  So, if I’m going to do something that won’t directly make me stronger, this is the time.  After I’m done recovering, that is.  I managed to lose 10lbs of fat on Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss.  I did that with an online friend, who has since tried The Ultimate Diet 2.0 by the same author.  He got better results from UD2.  UD2 comes with a hypertrophy workout, which I think will help me build up some muscle in my upper body.  It also has a really dramatic carb cycle.  I’m quite curious to see how that will work with my PCOS.  RFL had a less dramatic carb cycle and I lost fat on that, so I’m very interested to see if something more drastic will also work, or if my insulin resistance will kick in and ruin it.  This should be obvious after the first week.

2 thoughts on “Summer Classic 2012

  1. Curious–did you consult with a sports doc about the PCOS while lifting or are you just figuring it out as you go? Are you on the Metformin? Also, I noticed in your supplement list that you want to decrease testosterone levels (heightened by the PCOS); I’m wondering if testosterone doesn’t give you an advantage? I’m not currently taking the Metformin given the digestive NIGHTMARE it causes, but now I’m wondering if it might improve my levels, thus improving my gains..???

    By the way, your numbers are my dream numbers for squat and bench. I need some solid work on squats; I’ve got issues hitting depth and beyond the obvious core strength that needs improvement, I can’t figure out how to work around it.

    • Figuring it out as I go. Every doctor I’ve spoken to has had responded, and I quote, “Good,” when I told them about my lifting, including the PCOS specialist I saw. T levels go down with age, mine are lower than they were when I was in my 20’s. Find your lab results, and look what yours are. Then look up what the low end is for men. I’ll be surprised if you even hit that low end. It’s a fun thought, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.

      As a side note, that’s probably a good thing in sports. Imagine the uproar if a woman with PCOS did well in the Olympics, they tested her, and declared her to be male.

      I have the same depth issues with squats. What’s helped me go up was: The Texas Method with front squats on Wed, and box squats an inch below the depth I’m supposed to be at (no belt for any of this).

      You’ve got more upper body strength than I do, I still haven’t hit 120 for bench 🙂 I really want to hit a big plate by the end of the year.

      I’ve not tried metformin yet. This current diet isn’t doing as much as I’d hoped for fat loss, though the workout does seem to be doing me some good. I’m seriously considering talking to my doctor about it in a few weeks – I know it has turned some women’s lives around. I’d rather not go on more meds, but if that’s what it takes to get down to a level where I can show off my hard-earned muscles, I’m willing to give it a shot for, say, 6 months. It’s possible I’ll love it. Impossible to say at this point. Have you tried it?

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