I’m Back!

I am so happy to be back to the gym today!

My deadlifts were terrible, I can’t remember the last time 225 felt so heavy.  I did some other stuff for volume and to mess around.  Not following a program at the moment.  I’m planning on going on a program with the Ultimate Diet 2.0 when I start the week after the 4th, so there’s little point in getting overly fancy for the next week.  I just plan on doing lots of benching and playing with Tabata front squats.

  • Overhead Squats: 45x6x4-55×3
  • Overhead Press: 45×5-55×5-65×3-85×0-75×2
  • Dumbbell Swings (like a kettlebell swing): 45×15-50×10 *Was trying to find my working weight.  50 is too heavy.
  • Bench Press: 45×10-55×10-65×3-85×5-95x7x5x5
  • Deadlift: 135×5-195×2-225×1-285×0-275×0-225x1x0
  • Seated Cable Rows: 45×10-75×10-90x8x10-105x8x7x6

I haven’t done Tabata front squats before, so I flipped the cycle times to get me started: 10 seconds of front squats, then 20 seconds of rest.  Around the 2 minute mark, I started getting really sloppy – banging the bar on the rails and dropping my arms.  I finally realized that I couldn’t get my arms up into the rack position at all, so I put the weight down.  I looked at the stopwatch, and was at the 3 minute mark.  I’ll call this 3 minutes, though it was a bit less.  I just used the standard bar.

Considerations for next time: Don’t use the squat cage.  Use the power cage with the safeties at the bottom or no cage.  If I have to stop again, I should just drop the bar and finish with bodyweight. Should I switch to a 20-40lb curl bar?

After that squat session, both my legs and shoulders were trashed.  I was having trouble walking, so I went over to the light dumbbell area to do some shoulder raises.  I was struggling with the 5lb dumbbells, and my form was bad, so I stopped.  At this point, that kind of squatting is clearly both a shoulder and quad exercise.  Excellent, I need to work on my shoulders 🙂


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