Monday Workout

I didn’t get the chance to post this yesterday, so here it is now.

I was extremely sore from my Saturday workout, mostly in my quads, upper arms, shoulders, and a little in the upper back.  I started light and worked my way back up gradually.

  • Squats: 65×5-85×5
  • Bench Press: 45×10-55×10-65×10-85×7-95×6-105×3-115x1x1
  • Dumbbell Snatch: 30×10/10×10/10 (Left arm/Right arm)
  • Preacher curl machine: 25x10x10 (I needed a break and wanted to sit down.)

I tried Tabata front squats again, this time with a 20lb curl bar.  This weight was MUCH better, I got through it with less trouble than I expected to, still using the 10seconds squat 20seconds rest ratio.  I’m going to keep the weight at 20 and see what happens when I switch the ratios next time.


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