Tuesday Workout

Feeling achy after yesterday.  In addition to my workout, I went out walking with a friend and covered several miles, my calves are extremely tight and one of my knees is sore.  No squatting today.

Worked out with a friend today.  She showed up after my hip thrusts, so most of the remaining weights were me doing some volume with what she had on the bar.  I made her shrug!  I think she likes it, even though she pretended she didn’t.

  • Overhead Press: 45×10-55×5-65×5-75x3x2
  • Smith Machine Hip Thrusts: 10/10×10/10×10/10
  • Romanian Deadlift: 115×10-135x10x10x10
  • Barbell Shrugs: 135x3x10x10-225x6x4
  • Overhead Press: 45x10x6-50×4

50×4?  Yup, shoulders are trashed.  Maybe not such a great idea after shrugs, I just wanted to make sure I was getting enough overhead work in.

Tomorrow’s the 4th, time to not work out and eat lots of grilled yummies 🙂

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