My Very First Endocrinologist Visit

After my weirdly low blood sugar results in the 2 hour fasting glucose test, my doctor decided that I needed to talk to a specialist.

My endo gave me a tentative diagnosis of reactive hypoglycemia.  He’s running some blood tests to rule out anything else.  The good thing about this diagnosis is that it’s treated by … metformin.  I was GETTING the glucose test in the first place because after years of fighting it, I’d decided that it was time to give metformin a shot.  As soon as my results come back, I can start gradually working my way up to a 2g daily dosage, split between breakfast and dinner.

I’ve done some reading on reactive hypoglycemia now, of course.  The Wikipedia entry cites hereditary fructose intolerance as a possible cause.  I have several family members with varying levels of intolerance to fructose – my dad is so intolerant that my grandma couldn’t nurse him when he was a baby.  Based on this, the reactive hypoglycemia diagnosis seems pretty likely.

I also have a bump on my thyroid that they’re going to check out.  The doctor didn’t seem concerned about it, just said they needed to do an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok.


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