Starting Over

My appetite has finally stabilized.  I’ve discovered that the dizziness I was getting when standing up was a magnesium deficiency, so now I have a real reason to take ZMA.

And so, I’m starting over.  My lifts are way down, so I’m working my way back up.  I don’t need the most basic beginner routine, because I can gain my earned strength back faster this time.  If I can complete a set of 5, I’ll move up in weight for the next set.  This has been working really well, so I plan to continue until I plateau, then switch back over to the Texas Method.  I did extremely well on the Texas Method before, so moving to it again makes a lot of sense for getting my squat back up.  (I can only currently squat 125lbs for 5, down from 205.)  I’m also concentrating on depth and good form, my squats had been getting a touch shallow when I peaked last year.

Despite some muscle spasms in my back today, I feel good.  Having to let lifting go for a few months was depressing.  I missed that outlet and and the help it’s given me with managing stress.  Now I’m back to lifting 2-4 times a week and eating moderate carbs, I’m feeling good 🙂


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