Honey on my Face

I keep coming across Crunchy Betty, and I keep ending up in a rabbit hole of interesting posts that she has there.  This time, what intrigued me was a post on washing your face with honey.

Now, I’m allergic/sensitive/whatever you want to call it to sulfates.  I figured this out on my own a while back.  Washing my hands with liquid soap dries them out horribly.  Standard shampoo makes my scalp flake and itch.  Toothpaste has, over time, caused my gums to recede in horror, so now my teeth have exposed roots that are hyper-sensitive.

Because of this sensitivity, I’m always looking for good alternatives to convenience products.  In this case: I want something to wash my face with at the gym that isn’t horribly messy.  I already remove my makeup using the oil cleanse method, but the oil tends to leak all over my bag and make a giant mess.  I have yet to find a good travel solution for this.  Every kind of bottle I’ve tried ends up leaking, particularly if I fly with it.

Ok, so this is a powerlifting blog.  What does washing my face with honey have to do with anything?  I really, REALLY, love to wash my face immediately after working out.  Because I had super oily skin when I was a teenager, I became somewhat addicted to having a completely clean and dry face.  If my face doesn’t feel clean, I have a strong urge to wash it.  A sweaty face is horrible for me, I feel unclean, itchy, and generally unhappy.  It just bugs me.  The pump soap at the gym is always just regular commercial soap.  I HATE washing my face with soap, unless it’s something I’ve vetted to not dry my face out.

So, much as I love oil cleansing, it’s impractical at the gym.  First off, I’d have to remember to bring a washcloth.  I’m really bad about remembering to bring stuff that’s not already in my gym bag.  Second, the shower floor tends to get slick if you happen to either overdo or spill any oil.  I’m not ok with making the shower floor of a commercial gym slick and potentially causing someone to slick.  Conditioner is enough of a problem in this area.  Third is the above mentioned oil leak issue.

A friend suggested using coconut oil.  This works well, but it’s not really all that different than oil cleanse when it comes to making the floor slick.

Ok, so enter honey.  I’m always up for trying a new product that’s already in my house.  After reading the article and watching the video, I gave it a try.

My first try did not go as smoothly as the video made it look.  The honey was sticky.  I was badly in need of exfoliation, so it felt like I was stripping my face off.  It didn’t feel like the honey was actually getting on my face, it seemed like it stuck to my hands and then just pulled off dead skin.  The rinse off left my face feeling fresh and clean, but I disliked how much pulling the stickiness caused on my skin.

My second try was after roller skating.  Both my face and the day were warm.  My face was sweaty.  This time the whole thing felt much more pleasant.  The honey went on smoothly, rinsed off nice and clean.

The third time was like the first in stickiness, but I didn’t notice large amounts of dead skin coming off.  The honey seemed to rub into my skin this time, albeit with a lot of work and pulling.  The rinse off was clean, but I was still not happy with how much skin pulling seemed to be involved.

The fourth time, I think I’ve got it nailed down.  I got into the gym shower and put conditioner in my hair, this kept it well away from my face.  I did not get my face wet, but it was damp with sweat.  I then rinsed off my hands and dried them with a towel.  I put the honey in my hands and rubbed them together to warm it up.  There was apparently still some hair on my hands despite the rinsing, this action caused it to ball up and I got rid of it.  I then rubbed the honey into my face.  Dampness seems to be the way to go, it went on smoothly with no pulling.  Because I was conditioning my hair, I was able to get it right up to the hairline and then rinse it off clean.  I was quite happy with how this worked out and will continue using honey to wash my face at the gym.