Evening Mix

I take this mix in the evening to round out a full dosage of these supplements without getting too much at once.  Missing here are the things in my morning mix that give me extra energy.

  • Taurine: 1000g
  • Choline: 500g
  • NAC: 500g
  • Inositol: 500g

See my supplements page for more information on what these supplements do.


Morning Mix

This is a mix of powders I put in my morning protein shake.  It helps keep my mood stable and my energy up – I definitely miss it when I don’t take it.  I tend to get overly stressed at stupid things without my inositol.

  • Taurine: 1000g
  • Choline: 1000g
  • NAC: 500g
  • Maca Root: 500g
  • Inositol: 500g
  • MSM: 1/2 teaspoon

The mix makes my protein a little sour, but not enough to put me off it.  See my supplements page for more information on what these supplements do.


I’ve gotten a great deal of help with supplementation from herman_gill and silverhydra.

Picking through supplement misinformation and overhype from people trying to make a buck is difficult to do.  The best source for tested information is PubMed, but it’s not an easy task to pick through these published papers.

I’ve created a static supplements page to keep track of things I’ve tried, and if I thought they worked/were worth it or not.  I plan to keep this updated as I try and either keep or reject new things.  I do mix powders into my morning and evening protein shakes, it’s cheaper than buying pills and easier to dose.  I have a script that I use to build mixes, I plan on publishing this at some point when I find some cheap hosting for it.