Dan John was NOT kidding about the aftermath of Tabata front squats.  My quads are sore, my hip flexor area is sore, my arms, shoulders, and upper back are sore.  And I didn’t even do them right, nor did I finish the complete time!!!

I think I have a new favorite thing to try when I’ve got too much energy on my hands 🙂

Someone suggested trying it with a kettlebell.  I’ve got 1 20lb kettlebell, so I can try that when I start doing cardio at home.  I’m thinking one hand for one set, then switch for the next.

Speaking of which, I need to find the funds for a new kettlebell.  I’m up to almost 200 swings in a set with this one, and it’s getting boring.  I think I need a 45lb one, that was the most comfortable dumbbell to swing yesterday.  I went to Sports Authority the other day, they seem to have been letting their kettlebell stock dwindle.  I’d played with a 35 and a 50 because that’s all they had over 5lbs – the 50 was too heavy.  I couldn’t get it to crest properly.

To combat my soreness, I’m foam rolling, taking fish oil, and going easy on the dairy for today to help cut down on inflammation.  I’m going light on sweets this week in the expectation of pigging out on the 4th, so no banana for me.