I wanted to make a listing of the supplements I’ve tried, including the ones I’ve decided to stay with.  There’s a TON of weird information out there on supplements and PCOS/hypothyroidism, so I hope this can be useful to other women in similar shape.  I have both PCOS and hypothyroidism.

Current Medications

Name Dosage
Synthroid (Generic) 88mcg
Claritin 1 pill every 12 hours

Current Supplements

Name Dosage Taking for
Generic (Women’s) Multivitamin 1 General health
Fish Oil 6 caps Inflammation/Joint Pain/General health
Iron 27mg Iron 😉 Don’t take without getting a blood test first, you may not need it.
Vitamin d drops 8k IU The sun doesn’t shine much here. I test low without supplementation.
NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) .5g AM / .5g PM Reduce insulin problems. May also improve fertility.
Choline 1g AM / 1g PM Central nervous system health, nootropic (cognition)
Taurine 1g AM / 1g PM Muscle and CNS development and function.
Inositol .5g AM / .5g PM Lowers insulin resistance. Lowers testosterone. Allows Choline to cross the blood-brain barrier so that it can work effectively.
Maca Root .5g AM Energy. Some suggestions it helps with PCOS, but no studies quite yet. It’s malty and delicious 🙂
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 5g Allergies and inflammation
Protein Powder Enough to hit my target of 1g/lb of bodyweight. Usually comes out to 3-5 servings. I get stronger when I get enough protein, I don’t when I do not.
Creatine 5g Workout endurance
Beta alanine 1-2g Tingles! Seems to increase energy for working out.
ZMA 2 caps before bed Helps me fall asleep, particularly after a day of deadlifting.
Melatonin 3g if I feel restless before bed. Helps me fall asleep on those nights when it’s a struggle. I take a few, lay down to read, and usually feel groggy about 15 minutes later.

Rejected Supplements

Name Dosage Taking for Stopped taking because
Fenugreek 3 caps Improve insulin resistance Didn’t notice any changes
Calcium Glutamine 2 tabs Flushing excess hormones from the system Didn’t notice any changes
Grapefruit Pectin 1 teaspoon Fiber, blood sugar regulation So, so nasty. Gagged every time. Probably tastes fine if you like bitter things.

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