Dizzy Squats

My blood sugar and pressure drop when I squat.  It was so bad when I first went on Metformin that I’d get black edges to my vision when I squatted down to feed my cat.

Because of this, I pretty much cut squats out for the last couple of months.  I would sometimes try a pistol squat or two, sometimes a few front squats, but I always had this fear that I’d pass out and didn’t want a lot of weight on my back if I did.

I’ve finally decided that I’m done with this wussing out and am attempting to find ways to stay conscious while squatting.

My current standby, that I know works, is to pop glucose tabs between heavy sets.  I know this isn’t good for me, and I know it’s not really addressing the problem.  It is what I’m using to rescue me so that I can keep on going.

A paramedic suggested peanut butter pre workout, supposedly it stays with you better than sugar does.  I don’t have any, so I tried almond butter.  It helps, but not enough to keep me from needing the glucose tabs.

I know that salt raises your blood pressure, so I added some to my almond butter this morning.  I then added some to my electrolyte-fizzy-tab water.  The salt sank to the bottom, so it tasted fine at first and then horrible as I started to empty the cup.  I got the blackness edged vision after 2 squats at 135lbs, so clearly none of this was enough.  I popped a glucose tab, and was fine for my next 2 sets, then another tab got me through two more.  (They were all sets of 2 and 3 – I clearly need to do this more often.)

I had this problem before I went on Metformin, but it’s much worse now than it used to be. I refuse to stop squatting, I’m just concerned that I’m losing so much strength – I want to be able to keep competing and wasn’t all that strong compared to my weight before this happened.